Wake Up Your Idea! Join the movement for good, today!


Wake Up Your Idea! Festival on 21 July at Keat Hong Community Club featured 30 changemakers and their team, and what they have been doing to drive a positive impact on the community and environment!


E-FARMER MARKET runs a web platform for people to trade and discover homegrown produce, in hopes to redistribute excess food and reduce food wastage.

Visit their booth to walk away with free seeds sample and a planting guide to try growing your own produce too! 


Learn more about E-Farmer Market here


ETL No. 9 is the founder of the "We Support No-Pesticides Movement", which seeks to raise awareness on the negative impact of pesticides on human health and the ecosystem.

Come down to speak to them and receive tips on sustainable living. Moreover, join them in their workshop to learn how to remove pesticides from conventional food!


Learn more about ETL No. 9 here


CAREERSOCIUS seeks to be a one-stop career hub for current and prospective job seekers, particularly the underprivileged youths. 

Come down to their FREE walk-in resume consultation and learn simple techniques to instantly increase your proficiency at interviews!


Learn more about CareerSocius here


EMBODIED SENSING is a Singapore based technology company established in 2014 with a vision to build a more inclusive society through innovative sensing solutions.

Come down to learn more about their flagship product, Knoctify! It is an inclusive notification device that helps a person to be alerted of different events around them. 

Learn more about Embodied Sensing here


PARTICIPATE IN DESIGN (P!D) is a registered non-profit design and planning organisation that helps neighbours and public institutions in Singapore design community-own spaces and solution. 

Join them to find out more about their unique and meaningful work in engaging the community! 


Learn more about P!D here


A series of upskilling workshops and interactive activities were designed to help both aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to scale up their ideas and initiatives by learning from the experience and advice of seasoned changemakers.


1 JULY 2018, 3.00PM - 4.00PM

Ever wonder how to make an impact or simply desiring to give back to society? Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a changemaker, a professional or a community member, join us to learn more about the what and how to come up with truly impactful initiatives! 


7 JULY 2018, 9.00AM - 11.30AM

An experiential journey in one of Singapore's hot-beds for social innovation: Margaret Drive Estate, in Queenstown. From Seeds Cafe at Rainbow Centre to Citizen Farm, join us to learn more about some of the most exciting and impactful social and environmental initiatives in the heartlands. 


The trail included:

1. Introduction and tour of Citizen Farm (1h), which piloted a closed-loop urban farming system in Singapore that integrates natural systems with modern technology to create a more robust and sustainable urban farming model for the world.


2. Introduction and Visit of Seeds Cafe at Rainbow Centre (1.5h), where students with special needs are empowered by undergoing vocational training to gain employment in the Food & Beverage industry. We also visited the Seeds Monthly Market which featured a range of craft products, baked goods and fresh local produce put by Rainbow Centre's students, as well as local enterprises with a cause.


14 JULY 2018, 10.00AM - 12.30PM

Are you an aspiring or current community worker, volunteer or philanthropist, or hoping to find out more about how to run an impactful social and environmental initiative? Join us to learn how to build the right foundations and thrive at creating a positive change for yourself and your community!

This activity included:

1. Mindfulness practice by Wholetree Foundation, whose mission is to identify, initiate and partner worthwhile charity and social innovation projects to effect positive transformations in areas of youth and human wellness.


2. Refreshments and sharing by Kilter Avenue on their concept. Kilter Avenue is a lifestyle space that seeks to promote food for the gut, drinks from the heart and movement that changes the mind. Get the opportunity to try some snacks and drinks at HRVST Restaurant by Kilter Avenue, which aims to reverse the social stigma of being a vegan and focuses on making vegan food cool and aesthetically appealing.

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