On 27th October 2018,

we held our second run

of Wake Up Your Idea!


wake up your idea! festival

23-28 OCT 2018

Booths and activities were elderly-friendly and elderly-enticing, and introduced social innovation in a light-hearted way! 

Participants got to Eat, Play and Learn with 18 impactful social initiatives, which shared how they are driving positive change in the community through their unique ways!  

Leading up to the event, we had activities with Sagra Italiana at the United Square Mall from 23 Oct - 28 Oct 2018! There were arts & crafts and environmentally-friendly products on sale, as well as Italian foods, drinks, masterclasses on pasta and pizza! 



How do these food & beverage startups address problems of inclusion?

Come & find out! 

Bakery Hearts hopes to provide women from low-income families with the opportunity to supplement their household income and prepare themselves for work. Through this training programme, women are equipped with baking and social skills to prepare them to re-enter the workforce.


Boxgreen is on a mission to promote better snacking by delivering natural and nutritious snacks straight to you, hassle-free, with over 50 amazing options to choose from, there's something for everyone!


Foreword Coffetrains and provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities by serving aromatic coffee obtained from Asian producers. We believe that greater understanding of persons with disabilities and special needs can be achieved through meaningful interactions. Therefore, we place importance in positioning our crew at the frontline of service.​ 


Ugly Food strives to maximise value of food resources and to offer healthy and delectable food products. Their vision is to to accelerate the minimization of the impact of food wastage on the rapidly deteriorating health of our planet, and the reduction of food-related poor health outcomes.



How can arts, music and sports engage the community? Yes, you can do good and have FUN!

The first and leading Parkour agency, we started because we believe that talent exists in Singapore and we provide a platform for talents. Now we believe that Parkour is an essential skill to everyone and aim to spread. Find out more here.


Pottery is a sensory experience where one relishes the touch and feel. For Joan, the greatest joy comes from holding and using each finished piece, appreciating its texture, weight, thickness, design, etc. She hopes that through those tangible pieces of art, each of us will have the chance to hold and contemplate the process of creation, of life, of usefulness and meaning. Find our more here.


Games4Good seeks to promote social bonding and volunteering through board games. Our vision is to introduce everyone to board games by bringing quality board games to all.


GenConnects aims to build an ecosystem, enhancing dementia care, amalgamating sensory, cognitive and motor stimulation through our fun games! We close the loop with a monitoring application that connects caretakers, family members and medical practitioners. Through rehabilitation and assessment solutions, we try to mitigate dementia impact through facilitating early detection, delayed onset and improvements in dementia conditions.


Master the humble ukulele. Rock it like Riri. Groove to Ed Sheeran's Shape of You, Get Closer to The Chainsmokers & Serenade to Charlie Puth's One Call Away!

We also run Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, Learning & Development, Advocacy & Education for Companies to reinvest in the communities in which they operate in. ​ Learn more here.


WEmpathEYEs is a social enterprise that aims to promote social awareness about the visually handicapped. This is achieved through the introduction of our all-in-one program consisting of experiential workshops, as well as volunteering opportunities with our beneficiaries.


A lack of accessible, affordable and meaningful activities is a known problem among caregivers of persons with dementia in Singapore. SilverActivities curate dementia-specific activities from around the world and also create Singapore focussed activities that can be printed at home. These activities consist of math problems, Chinese word search, maze puzzles as well as coloring and tracing art sheets.

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How can we do what we're passionate about and stay relevant? Come & find out! Learn by connecting with others. 

Ageless Online is a free e-magazine for those over 50 to keep them happy and healthy. We also have other initiatives including an online museum called Time Traveller and an intergenerational initiative called Makan with Seniors where we pair seniors and youths over a conversation.


A homegrown startup, Homage’s mission is to make home care accessible to more in our community, with technology. Inspired by our founders’ personal stories, we pay homage to those who have raised us, fulfilling their wish to age safely at home with grace, comfort and dignity. Our proprietary smart-matching engine pairs seniors with the most suitable care professionals for their needs in real-time; giving families peace of mind and seniors the best home care possible.


We empower the Next Generation of Innovators. Innovation Garage will be showcasing their pushup counter device and our educational electronics. They are also conducting a 2 hours workshop, so stay tuned!

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Through empowerment, education and engagement, Over The Rainbow seeks to transform mental health and wellness in our community for the 21st century and beyond!


Praxium works to improve the way education is done by focusing on student interests and life goals, rather than on subjects. We believe in #LifeBeyondGrades and are creating pathways for all students, even the underprivileged, to develop themselves outside of schooling.

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Find the widest array of educational resources consisting of notes, worksheets, exam papers etc. all for free at Smart Guppy. For teachers and tutors, create and share resources and be connected to help as many students as you can. Share freely, learn freely, harness the power of sharing. Join us in helping every student succeed!


At VERE.360 we develop immersive content for social issues education to increase empathy towards them. We work with social enterprises and educational institutions to create virtual reality and 360 content to help put people in the perspective of others in less fortunate positions.


XIOHOO is a Social Enterprise Company and we teach Seniors how to leverage on technology to live actively & happily in the digital era as part of our Smart Nation initiatives. Our mobile app that enables seniors to learn and share knowledge about technology from matched peers or experts in their proximity. 




join the movement for good!

 Wake Up Your Idea! | Initiated by UNFRAMED

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