Why join us as a PARTNER

It’s about building connections. The key to every successful social initiative lies in the ability to connect with the users, understanding their pain points and goals. Wake Up Your Idea! Is an excellent platform to do that! Plus, connect with other changemakers and stay inspired!


Here are 3 reasons why you should join us!


We’ll also attract aspiring changemakers who want to meet you, learn more about your stories and eventually be inspired to start their own journey. As we rove in the Heartlands, there may be selected demographics which your services may appeal to. Grab this opportunity and get’em interested!


“We saw the importance of our organisation taking part in such festivals as we were able to gather feedback from over 70 participants!”  - Participate in Design


“It is important to keep the momentum and energy alive. We also found out what the key concerns of our target group were.” - Pritha Saraf, Founder, Soul Cup

“There’s a whole demand from the heartlands to learn more about innovative and impactful initiatives. So in that sense, Wake Up Your Idea is a huge success.” - Larry Tchiou, Founder, UNFRAMED

Wake Up Your Idea! is a public outreach platform for you to effectively engage your (potential) users right where they live, and collect feedback to improve your solution!


It’s a FREE platform for you to gain public traction & awareness! The booth rental is valued at a minimum of $50, unless otherwise stated, this fee is waived for invited social impact initiatives! And we ensure that your time is well spent.

Who only hangs out in town nowadays? Wake up Your Idea! brings social changemaking right to their doorstep at the heartlands.


“We reached out to people whom we have not talked to before - the young and the old people living in and around Keat Hong CC. In particular, the free workshop attracted many people who wants to learn more about Foreword Coffee and we have achieved our aim of reaching out to new people through this.” - Lim Wei Jie, Foreword Coffee

“This is a very good opportunity for us to showcase what we can offer, to bridge the gap between the awareness of environmental issues and practicality.” - Jeff Lam, Co-Founder, Unpackt


“...we are really happy to see the initiatives by the social enterprises, the activities and the workshops brought to the heartlands, to the residents, and the community around here.. We can definitely expect more of this vibrant environment that is brought about by young people and social entrepreneurs!”

- Cindy Chng, Vice-chairman, Keat Hong Community Centre


Many new partnerships sprout from connections formed at Wake Up Your Idea! Join our community of changemakers and leverage unique opportunities for peer-support, learning, and collaboration!


“My experience at Wake Up Your Idea was very good, I met many social entrepreneurs and I felt very inspired by them.” - Kai Ning, Co-Founder, CareerSocius


“This is a very good opportunity to show us about the different ways people could come together to collaborate. So even though you are serving a different social cause, like environment, and persons with disability, they can also be merged together.” - Bernice Lim, Marketing and Partnerships, Society Staples

“I loved to see how all enterprises really bonded with and encouraged each other!” - VERE 360

Most importantly, you get to connect with other like-minded social and environmental changemakers!

 Wake Up Your Idea! | Initiated by UNFRAMED

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